encrypt en‧crypt [ɪnˈkrɪpt] verb [transitive]
COMPUTING to write information in the form of code, especially to prevent certain people from being able to use it:

• The program encrypts your password when you use the software for the first time.

— encryption noun [uncountable] :

• a data encryption facility so data can be saved to disk in encoded form

— compare decrypt

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encrypt UK US /ɪnˈkrɪpt/ verb [T]
IT to protect private information by putting it into a form that can only be read by people who have the permission to do so: »

The software encrypts data that is sent over the internet.


The email is encrypted, so you need to enter a password to read it.

Compare DECRYPT(Cf. ↑decrypt)
encryption noun [U]

Our wireless network uses the latest data encryption standard.


An encryption key is needed to decode the data.

Compare DECRYPTION(Cf. ↑decryption)

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